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Speed Dialer:

The Pavel Speed Dialer (“The Quan”). is modern evolution of the classic twin keel fish surfboard. The Speed Dialer features contemporary rocker, low entry, slope rail, slight concave deck, beak nose, double to single barrel afterburner! The Pavel Spead Dialer is leading a revolution in surfboard design. Taking the classic keel is a low-aspect ratio twin keel fin template into a revolutionary high-aspect ratio concept, it’ll hold in much better and for a longer period of time and is more forgiving riding backside than the classic twin keel fish.


Cousin to the famous Speed Dialer with marine ply or fiberglass canard quad fin setup. Fast, drivey and versatile.

5 Fins:

The Bonzer was created by the Campbell brothers, Duncan and Malcom of Oxnard California,in 1969. Bonzer boards which used the first single to double concave (which you now see on most thrusters used in professional competitions) based on Jacob Bernoulli’s principle, the Venturi effect. The double barrel concave inside of the side fins creates an area of low pressure so the high pressure water under the front third of the board is drawn to the low pressure area jetting the water through the concaves and out the back creating speed.